Pressure Washing & Power Washing by Jason R Smith Painting
Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing: Jason R Smith Painting

The most common misconception in pressure washing: anyone can hook up a host to a pressure washer and be done with it. If that’s the case, DIY projects will be a lot more successful that they actually are. What we want to achieve in any power washing job may be simple, ridding your home of any unwanted debris and stains, usually in preparation for paint application, but there are important considerations that have to be checked before starting a job.

Expert Power Washing

There’s a method to the madness. Imagine blasting the entire exterior of your house to remove the stains, only to ruin the wood gouges. That’s thousands worth of repairs and hours worth of work that was uselessly incurred because there’s no prior research nor experience to back up the pressure washing job. Cleaning wood surfaces actually require the right mix of chemicals plus low-pressure water to be able to successfully remove grime and stains without damaging the wooden walls. Only experienced painting companies with a skilled painting team will be able to strategically plan and execute jobs like this.

Jason R Smith Painting's Pressure & Washing Approach

If you need our professional and swift service to ensure that your home is clean and safe, contact us anytime for a free estimate at 423-488-6429. Jason R Smith Painting is more than happy to do any pressure washing job, commercial or residential, for you.

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